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My Mobiler 1.25

View your mobile screen on your desktop

My Mobiler makes using your mobile a darn-sight easier, allowing you to control your Pocket PC from your Windows computer. View full description


  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Copy text to your phone from the clipboard
  • Mouse and keyboard support
  • Seamless connection between PC and mobile


  • You'll need a PC, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a mobile device


My Mobiler makes using your mobile a darn-sight easier, allowing you to control your Pocket PC from your Windows computer.

MyMobiler lets you move files via drag-and-drop, control the system with a keyboard and mouse, copy documents from the Windows clipboard and capture your mobile screen with a built-in screenshot function.

In order to get My Mobiler to communicate with your desktop PC you'll need to install and ActiveSync. An icon will appear on your desktop to launch the free program, from where you can remotely control your mobile.

As soon as you start using your Pocket PC in this way with My Mobiler, you'll notice how much easier everything is when dragging and dropping files, and using the keyboard and the mouse to control your device. The connection works very well and we didn't notice any significant delay between performing an action on the PC and it appearing on the mobile display via My Mobiler.

It's a shame this kind of functionality isn't available as default in Windows Mobile so you can use it on the move because My Mobiler demonstrates how much easier the native Windows system is to operate.


  • "Run" feature (Ctrl-Enter Key). You can enter command("home","notes","contacts","call logs","tasks","file explorer","e-mail",...)
  • Automatically turns screen off when connected(Configured by [File]-[Key]-[Screen Off] or F11 key )
  • Improved file copy performance
  • Show mobile notification bubble (email,sms,incoming call,...)
  • Standard bubble message
  • Bug fixes
My Mobiler


My Mobiler 1.25

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